Welcome to OrigamiCentral

Here you will find easy to use searches to help you in your search for origami model diagrams in print and online. Hopefully, you will find this utility helpful and easy to use. If you have any suggestions on how this might be improved you can contact me on Google+.

If you have already used the database or would like to just jump in, Click here to start or keep reading.

Even though there are several sites on the web that help you to search for diagrams - we are hoping to make this the easiest to use and most complete resource for finding them. If you own a book or website that is not already in the database, let me know and I will get it added to the database. For developers, there will also an API (not available yet) to allow you to connect to the database on your web pages (as long as you credit OrigamiCentral as powering your site).

Basic access of the database is fairly straightforward. Just use the search forms below to search using the either the model name, designer name, or source title (only the first one that you fill in will be used).